Carla Zilber-smith, Canadian singer, actress and comedian, who contracted ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease), would die in May 2010. Her essay ‘Leave them Laughing’ (from Writings on Death; one of the three volumes that make up the Natural Death Centre’s trilogy) is another powerful testimony to how death can enhance the love affair called life.

She writes: “Thanks to my illness my life is high-definition Dolby surround sound! I am moved by this life with the single-minded intensity of two teenagers in love for the first time. I want to crawl into the back seat with life and steam up all the windows. I want to stop everyone on the street and tell them about my love…. I’m in love with living and I think that’s the way I will feel until I die. I don’t want to waste one moment.

“Lately, more of the hours of each day are filled with suffering rather than joy but I will not stop inviting in joy until my last breath. I will not spend my hours bemoaning something which cannot be changed. I am an incurable illness. And I am dying….”

Amazingly she found the time, energy – and zaniness – to create a nearly 10-minute long, ‘Blog from Heaven.’ (She got divine dispensation to create it because ‘apparently God is a fan of the blog’). She also reassures her viewers that we shouldn’t feel sorry for her because though she is ‘badly, badly dead, the afterlife is a tasty cup of awesome’.

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