On respecting and caring for the multi-layered body and the dimension of health beyond the physical.

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A totally new kind of education is needed in the world where fundamentally everyone is introduced into the silences of the heart – in other words, into meditation – and where everybody has to be prepared to be compassionate to his or her own body.

It is a living organism, and it has done you no harm. It has been continuously in service since you were conceived and will be until your death. It is so miraculous, so mysterious.

(Osho Om Shantih Shantih Shantih)


The body is not your enemy, nor is it in any way unfriendly or even indifferent to you. The very existence of the body is bliss. If you love your body, you become relaxed, you care about it. It is not wrong; it is not narcissistic to be in love with your own body. In fact, it is the first step towards spirituality.               

(Osho: Meditation: The Art of Ecstasy)


When taking a shower, feel it all over the body – every drop of water touching you. Feel the touch, the coldness, the warmth! Try this the whole day whenever you have the chance, and everywhere there is a chance – everywhere! When just breathing, feel the breath – its movement within and its going out – just feel it! Just feel your own body. You have not felt it.

Boys tusslingWe are so afraid of our own bodies. No one touches his own body in a loving way. Have you ever given any love to your own body?

The whole civilization is afraid of anyone touching himself because from childhood touching has been denied. It appears to be masturbatory to touch oneself in a loving way. But if you cannot touch yourself in a loving way your body will go dull and dead. It has gone so. Touch your eyes with your palms.

Feel the touch, and your eyes will feel fresh and alive immediately. Feel your body all over. Feel your lover’s body, your friend’s body. Massage is good. Two friends can massage each other and feel each other’s bodies. You will become more sensitive.

(Osho: The Book of Secrets Volume 2)


The body is nothing but the visible aspect of the soul, and the soul is nothing but the invisible aspect of the body.

(Osho The First Principle)


You have to accept the body; you have to love the body. You have to respect the body; you have to be grateful to your body. The body is the most complex mechanism in existence – it is simply marvelous! And blessed are those who marvel.

(Osho The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha Volume 2)


You have never bothered to be acquainted with your own body and you pretend to love other people? You cannot, because those other people also appear to you as bodies.

The body is the greatest mystery in the whole of existence. This mystery needs to be loved, its mysteries and its functioning to be intimately inquired into.

Within the mystery of the body is the very shrine of your consciousness.

(Osho Om Shantih Shantih Shantih)


Follow the body. Never in any way try and dominate the body. The body is your foundation. Once you have started understanding your body, ninety-nine percent of your miseries will simply disappear.

(Osho The Wisdom of the Sands Volume 2)


Man flinging child in the airThere is nothing is more therapeutic than love.

(Osho The Great Pilgrimage)


The religious attitude is to look not for the symptom but for the source.

(Osho Zen: The Path of Paradox)


You cannot defeat the body. You cannot defeat it by being inimical towards it. You can win it over by being friendly, by being loving, by being respectful, by trusting it.

That’s exactly my approach: the body is the temple; you are the deity of the temple. The temple protects you, shelters you against rain, against wind, against heat. It is in your service! Why should you fight? It is as stupid as the driver fighting the car. If the driver fights with his car, what is going to happen? He will destroy the car and he will destroy himself in fighting with it. The car is a beautiful vehicle; it can take you on the farthest journeys.

(Osho The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha Volume 2)


Health is not only a physical phenomenon. That is only one of its dimensions, and one of the most superficial dimensions because basically the body is going to die – healthy or unhealthy, it is momentary.

Real health has to happen somewhere inside you, in your subjectivity, in your consciousness, because consciousness knows no birth, no death. It is eternal.

To be healthy in consciousness means: first, to be awake; second, to be harmonious; third, to be ecstatic; and fourth, to be compassionate. If these four things are fulfilled, one is inwardly healthy. These four are the four pillars of inner health. Attain to it. It is our birthright; we just have to claim it.

(Osho  Don’t Let Yourself be upset by the Sutra, rather upset the Sutra Yourself)


You have never looked at the body from within; otherwise it is a universe in itself. That’s what the mystics have always been saying: that the body is a miniature universe.

If you see it from the inside, it is so vast – millions and millions of cells, and each cell alive with its own life, and each cell functioning in such an intelligent manner that it seems almost incredible, impossible, unbelievable.

A miracle is happening every moment. Each cell has its own soul, and how well they function!

(Osho Ecstasy: The Forgotten Language)


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In a better world every person whose profession is to treat the body will meditate…. No person can be treated just by treating his body – his totality has to be treated. But to look into his totality, you have to look into your own totality.

Patanjali divides the body into five layers or five bodies. Allopathy works on the most gross, the physical body; acupuncture works on the second body, the ‘pranamayokos,’ the vital body, Homeopathy works on the third, the mental body. Hypnotherapy works on the fourth, the body of consciousness — it is going to become the future medicine.

Meditation goes up to the fifth, the bliss body. Meditation makes you perfectly conscious – absolute light with no dark. Meditation drops all props, all supports…. Nothing is left – just a pure understanding, witnessing.

(Osho Yoga: The Alpha and Omega Volume 10)

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