We are delighted to announce that The Sammasati Project is now a Community Interest Company (C.I.C.). We’re in the right territory it seems: apparently Devon has the largest number of C.I.C’s per head of population in the UK!

What exactly is a CIC? This is a recently introduced kind of company in the UK and is designed for enterprises such as ours – which can trade but whose primary aim is not profit but to benefit the community.

In the formal wording of the document, our company’s activities will provide benefit to “People who are actively interested in well-being and self-development – whether that be in health, sickness or dying.”

Among other benefits too numerous to list here, registering as a C.I.C. gives us a legal structure as a company which does not belong to any one individual, and which will facilitate our connecting with other like-minded or associated organisations in the UK.

With this new development The Sammasati Project feels to have become that much more defined and consolidated, and to have taken a solid step towards manifesting our vision.

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