After facilitating two afternoon workshops at my former (Psychotherapy and Counselling) College, the Jansen Newman Institute in St Leonards, Sydney — and some toing and froing of emails — I’ve been accepted onto the program next year. I will be facilitating a 4-day elective on Meditation, in addition to facilitating some meditation sessions through the students’ year which will, like any other subject, be mandatory.

It has been cheering to feel that the academic head has been totally supportive all through the negotiating period, and to have arrived at this happen agreement!

Having to design an elective, which includes an assignment that students are required to write up in the formal style along with academic referencing, puts meditation in a whole new framework for me, and I am stimulated with the challenge. I’d like to see the day when meditation is given an even larger time slot….

Love to hear from anyone else who has taught/ is teaching meditation in a similarly formal setting.

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