A way to take yourself through a 4-tiered method of letting go into deep relaxation.


Sitting or lying down in a comfortable position, when you are ready allow your eyes to close. And in your own way consciously let your body relax. Feel all the energy of the body moving inwards…moving inside the body….moving from the periphery and moving inwards.

Watching from inside as the body relaxes more and more…just as if it is someone else’s body relaxing… The body becoming softer and softer…every part of the body so relaxed…. A letting go of any tension…. A letting go that one can simply allow to happen, just as the tree allows the leaves to fall, one by one, slowly and gently, from the tree…. And as you relax even deeper, aware and present, perhaps you can see the body is left behind like a shell, an empty shell.



Relaxed and awake, with the next out breath you can allow your breathing to relax. With each exhalation, the feeling of relaxing happening easily and naturally. With each out breath the sense of letting go a little deeper…

And in the same way perhaps you can notice how easily and naturally the out breath can become longer. The inhalation is happening more slowly… the exhalation becoming longer and longer…. The space between the out breath and the in breath becoming longer and longer — easily and naturally.
Notice how the breathing becomes shallower… and still more shallow…so shallow it seems to stop…. And it can stop, for moments at a time, while you feel even more at peace, even more relaxed, and aware.



Relaxed and aware, in just the same way you can notice how the thoughts are becoming silent….Slowing down and becoming even more silent. Just as if a river is flowing by and you are sitting on the bank, you can watch thoughts drift by… You can notice that there is a space between you and the river, between you and any remaining thoughts.



All the energy withdrawn from the body, from the breath and from the mind, it is centred inwardly in watching. Now, Now, see if there are any boundaries to this awareness….



And when you are ready slowly taking some deep breaths and coming back. Stretching…wriggling your toes and clasping and unclasping your hands, and then allowing your eyes to open.


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