OSHO Bardo

Osho Bardo - Maneesha meditation CDOSHO Bardo can be used as a regular meditation to help us relax and to know more awareness and joy in our everyday lives. It is also a preparation for the crescendo of life and for the greatest experience of letting go that we will encounter – the letting go of life itself.

The process is a profound and meaningful response to the widely acknowledged need for a new approach to the end-of-life process. Free of any religious or cultural beliefs, it is rooted in the experience of moving into the depth of our inner world.

OSHO Bardo’s secular, experiential foundation makes it valuable for those millions of people who are not necessarily related to any religion and who do not look to established religions for support when dying.

Approximately 45 minutes’ long, the meditation is set to music. A male and female voice (Sudheer and Maneesha) gently lead the listeners through a state of relaxed, inner alertness, into the light and joy within. More on OSHO Bardo


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Tuning into the Moment

by Maneesha James

Maneesha meditation CD - Tuning into the Moment meditation at OSHO SammasatiThis guided meditation was created specifically for those new to meditation. It provides a step-by-step guide to turn your focus from the outside world to an awareness of the inner. Those experienced in meditation will also find that it deepens their existing practice.

More on Tuning into the Moment

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Online Guided Meditations by Maneesha & Sudheer

Include Everything in Your Being

a short meditative method


This method can be used in virtually any situation. It takes us into a dimension in which, rather than resisting or rejecting whatever we perceive, we consciously accept it.

That inner embracing of whatever is – for example in our bodies, our moods, or our thoughts, (or other people’s!) – means we drop the fight and tension. With nobody or nothing to do battle with, we relax and that creates a sense of expansion, softening and even lovingness.



Meditation chairs

Meditation chairs and cushions recommended by Maneesha can be purchased from Delhi-based Friends of Meditation.

Another option recommended by Maneesha is a Basho Meditation Stool from Denmark.

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