Pain relief guided meditationPain Relief

by tenderly releasing tension


A guided meditation with Maneesha James


In gratitude to Stephen Levine, on whose approach this method is based





Who is this guided meditation for?

* Anyone in physical pain – chronic or acute**

* Those already familiar with meditation and those who are not

* Those who want to avoid conventional medicine because of side-effects such as lessening of consciousness, among others.

* Those who want to lessen their dependency on, or to augment, conventional medicine


** It can take a little while to settle into any method and to feel its full benefit. Our suggestion is: when using this meditation for the first time, if possible, start with just a discomfort or mild pain. When you have the experience that it is helpful with mild pain, that confidence can enable you to use it effectively when the pain is more challenging.



Understanding and dealing with pain

Pain affects us all at some point in our lives, and in varying degrees. Our perception of pain is largely influenced by our attitude towards it. Typically, we resist and resent pain. In fighting it, in tightening against it, we create tension, and that tension increases the pain. It may seem counterintuitive to relax, yet by approaching the area around the sensation consciously and tenderly, our perception alters: the pain lessens.

It is also helpful to understand that pain is not against us but is a signal that our body needs our attention.

Pain is simply pain; there is no suffering in it. Suffering comes from your desire that the pain should not be there, that there is something wrong in pain. Watch, witness, and you will be surprised: the pain is there but suffering is not there.’  (Osho)


See our ‘Illness and Pain’ section for more about working with pain.


Benefits of using this meditation

We are afraid of pain because it hurts and also, perhaps, because we feel that we are helpless and in its power.  Because our attitude towards it is significant we can change how pain affects us. This method is one way of learning to empower ourselves and reduce pain’s hold on us.

In pain, especially chronic pain, we can feel lonely, no longer part of the world of health and wellbeing. Having a loving voice support us, guiding us slowly and gently into the pain, provides a sense of being met and being held: we are no longer alone.


The Meditation


Track 1: ‘Pain Relief meditation’: 34:39 mins

Track 2: Music only meditation: 34:39 mins

Track 3: ‘Tenderness’ bonus track: 6:19 mins



Audio Sample

Voice: Maneesha James

Music: Morgan Fisher


The music has been created especially for this process by musician, Morgan Fisher. It plays an important role in helping relaxation and trust, and enhances the sense of being held.

Tenderness Bonus Track

This track was inspired by the music of stage 4 of the meditation in which you are invited to bring soft awareness to the sensation you are feeling. Here the melody is developed for your enjoyment and – once there is an association between the meditation and your being relaxed and tender towards any sensation – to evoke the same feelings. Ideal if you don’t have time to listen to the full meditation.



Maneesha James individual sessions at OSHO SammasatiManeesha James is trained in general and psychiatric nursing and midwifery. She is also a meditation facilitator, offering workshops and sessions world-wide, and is a qualified psychotherapist and counsellor. The author of several books, in addition she has also created numerous guided meditation CDs. She is known internationally as the ‘voice’ that asks questions to the mystic Osho in his daily discourses.




Morgan Fisher Morgan Fisher was born in London in 1950. He toured the world as keyboard player for rock bands such as Love Affair, Mott the Hoople and Queen. Leaving the music ‘business’ to create a home studio, he explored the deeper qualities of sound and silence. This soon led him into meditation and eventually to Osho, under whose beneficence he learned the art of letting go and simply allowing music to flow. Living in Tokyo, he has performed music in major shrines and temples and also collaborated with leading Japanese artists such as Yoko Ono and Upanishad.



How to use this meditation


Make sure you are undisturbed for the duration of the meditation and that you are as comfortable as is possible – sitting or lying down.

No need to be concerned if you drift in and out of consciousness; the words can still penetrate.



If you are experiencing pain of unknown origin, please consult your doctor. 

Do not listen to this process while driving or while engaged in any other activity.



The meditation is not intended to replace the services of a physician or other healthcare provider, nor to provide an alternative to any needed professional medical treatment. We offer no medical diagnosis of, or treatment for, any specific medical or psychological issue you may have. ‘Pain Relief – by tenderly releasing tension’ is a meditation and relaxation method. 


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Liane‘Thank you for making this pain meditation available. Everything about it is beautiful: the music, the timing, the allowing of the feeling of spaciousness, of softness and being natural. For me it is a good way to go into the pain. I can do it alone and so can be absolutely true to myself.

‘All this, together with Maneesha’s voice, with which I’m so familiar, I can trust totally.  I guess also for others, who may not know her voice, it sounds very caring and full of love and motherhood.

‘When I go into the pain in a relaxed way, I know immediately what I’m holding there and, why I’m nervous. This meditation helps me to accept it. There is suddenly awareness and an allowing. This is a very important meditation.’   (Liane: Artist and Creativity Teacher, Germany)



Dimitra on Pain Relief Meditation

‘Doing it for the first time I realized that this is a method that is teaching me how to love myself – something I didn’t know before – and not to suppress my body’s needs.  When I came to the part about the child being held by the mother I cried. I felt more friendly towards the pain as soon as I imagined a child’s love – that was powerful.

 ‘Practising the meditation for second time, I found it magical. Every word you used was exactly what was happening or what I needed. I focused on only one area as suggested – on my neck, where three discs are herniated. Everything was changing, the shapes and the images. At the moment Maneesha spoke about forgiveness I was so in need of that.

‘Over time a lot of hidden issues came on the surface and it was very clear to me exactly what Maneesha taught me: the pain was all about my brain, my perception and my emotions. I saw myself worsening the pain and the opposite. I reached the point of self-therapy, self-friendship and self-love. Thank you.’ (Dimitra: Marketing Director, Greece)


Katrina on Pain Relief Meditation‘The music was lovely, so soothing and Maneesha’s voice is wonderful and is also soothing. I was in a lot of pain when I used the meditation and it did help. It did not remove the pain completely but helped. I am sure the more I use it, the better I will feel.

‘I love the relaxing technique you use – with the breathing and opening and closing the eyes. I even used it to help me relax enough to sleep last night (I have a real problem with sleeping). I would highly recommend this meditation to others.’ (Katrina: Writer, UK)



Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  How regularly should I practise this meditation?

A.  As often as you need support in being with pain.


Q.   I am already taking medication for pain relief. How do you suggest I use this meditation?

A.   As mentioned earlier, it is better to use this meditation with milder pain initially, if possible. When you experience that it helps, discuss with your doctor the possibility of the analgesic being lowered incrementally as the meditation proves consistently effective.


Q.  Is this meditation suitable for helping with emotional pain?

A.  It is designed specifically for physical pain; if you find it works for emotional pain, we’d be happy to hear from you!


Q.  Is this meditation suitable for people of any or no religion?

A.  Yes, this meditation is experiential and does not rely or impinge on any religious beliefs you may or may not hold.


Q.  Is this meditation available in other languages?

A.  Not at the moment but it may be at some future date. Please join our mailing list to be updated.



Pain relief meditationDownload mp3 meditation

$9.99 + local sales tax

Special Release Price only $6.99 until 30.4.18

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