Tuning into the Moment Tuning into the Moment

A guided meditation with Maneesha James

Inner Peace starts with an awareness of your inner world. Let the voice of Maneesha take you to a place of inner relaxation and peace. When you have reached there, feel a space that is vast and uniquely you.

Experience your inner source. As you become more aware of this source, you will have a clarity that can transform your life into a celebration.


The point of this guided meditation is to simply help you to tune into this very moment, here and now. Being in this moment, without projecting into the future or thinking about the past, enables you to fall into a relaxation that rests your body and your mind more that even a good night’s sleep can do.


This CD can take you step by step into the world of meditation, beyond simply the absence of stress, into the well-being of a relaxed awareness.

A positive experience that takes you to your silent inner centre, where you can access your own natural healing ability and well-being. You carry this space within you, and may have discovered it without realising what it is. This method is a way to return voluntarily to this experience and to radiate a relaxed awareness throughout every aspect of your life.


This meditation presents a healing journey for the body and the spirit, guided by meditation facilitator Maneesha James.

Informed by years of study with Osho, this 30-minute guided meditation, intoned in Maneesha’s compassionate voice, focuses on spiritual healing and relaxation.

The original ambient soundtrack is in itself very soothing, and is duplicated without verbal instruction as a second track.

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