Beloved Friends

You may have read from a previous entry here that we have decided not to go ahead with the property we were interested in because at this stage in the project’s development we don’t have the structure or the resources to proceed.

For now our energy is focused on these aspects of the Project:

* The Training for the Support Worker, to commence March 2012

* A Sammasati Project website including a forum and resources for the seriously ill, the dying and their carers

We are clear that, as indicated above, it’s not the time to take on a property.  We also realised that suggestions from some of you for a facility that provides care for sannyasins or friends of Osho in old age and infirmity or a commune / co-housing project are great ideas; however they just don’t seem doable right now, certainly not under the Sammasati umbrella (though if anyone feels to pursue them independently, terrific!).

We have also realised that a ‘bricks and mortar’ hospice is now out of the question, as the finance involved is immense and the regulations formidable. It just seems too big an ask. There is, however, another option, by which a community of us living together could house and support a dying sannyasin. This could be explored further down the line. And, as outlined in the Feasibility Study, more-long-term we are working towards the acquisition of a building for our Training and Wellbeing Centre.

Right now we are gathering friends. The team is growing and there is always room for more.  At the moment we particularly need someone to create and coordinate a fundraising strategy, the currently priorities being for the website and on-going running costs.

Love, Yatro


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