The Top Five Regrets of the Dying: A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing

by Bronnie Ware


Review by Melanie Pike (Nirjana)

This is a beautiful book, written by a woman whose commitment to honesty, freedom and living an open-hearted life shines through. She inspires not just by what she writes but by the unflinching application of what she learns to her own life. She really walks her talk. Whilst she clearly communicates the profound lessons received from each of the ‘dearly departing’ she cares for it is also clear that they received a great deal from her, and that many lives were transformed – even in the last few days – by her gentle, intuitive and accepting approach, always bringing the emphasis back to what matters most – the love that we all are and share.

Really, this book is an autobiography of one woman’s healing journey. That journey is supported by her recognition of her own immense potential (if she can only ‘get out of her own way’), by her practise of meditation and gratitude, and by her recognition of her own and all of humanity’s fundamental wish to be of benefit to ourselves and each other. It’s a super-readable book too – I devoured it over a couple of days. It manages to combine very tender real-life stories, honest self-disclosure, spiritual insight and powerful reminders of how to live so that we die free from regrets. An uplifting, practical and inspiring read.

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