The Project has evolved and changed in some respects since its birth a year ago. That change is reflected in the various blog posts.

However, it feels time to reiterate our aims and to let you know where we are at these days, February 2012! BTW: One effortless way to support is is to check out and ‘like’ The Sammasati Project’s Facebook page.

The aim of the Project is to provide psycho-spiritual support for anyone who wants to use their lives as an opportunity for inner growth. Our focus is on the areas of maintaining or regaining of one’s health – in all its dimensions – and for when one is dying.

The mystic Osho – on whose insights the Project is based – has defined sammasati as ‘right ‘remembrance.’  You might know it a ‘choiceless awareness’, ‘witnessing’, or ‘self-remembering’. Basically, the term indicates the ability to be aware of whatever one is experiencing and aware of the one who is experiencing. That’s the key to living consciously, through all the ups and downs of our existence – including being ill and passing through the transition called dying. Sammasati is a state where, as Osho describes it, ‘The mind is utterly empty, and you are simply there in that emptiness. A kind of presence, a pure presence, with nowhere to go – utterly relaxed into oneself, at rest, at home’

So the choice of a name for our Project was, if you’ll excuse the pun, a no-brainer!

We propose several ways in which this aim can be realised….

  • Talks/seminars and workshops on meditation as a way to pass through all life experiences in such a way as to continue to grow inwardly
  • Talks/seminars and workshops on understanding the great potential for transformation in consciously facing one’s issues around dying and addressing them
  • training in supporting individuals through their illness back to health or through dying.
  • An outreach service (provided by those who have completed the training) to assist people through illness and/or dying
  • website which will provide various resources in the form of
    • articles & interviews
    • a forum/chat room where users can communicate with others in a similar situation and find a ‘buddy’ for mutual support
    • inspiring quotations around the nature of death; being with uncertainty and our constantly changing emotions; facing the unknown; pain; relaxation and letting go; attachment; how to live in such a way that we can die consciously; issues that a carer faces, and so on
    • meditative methods
    • links to associated sites
  • wellbeing centre that makes available individual sessions, classes and courses in meditation as a resource with a multitude of scientifically endorsed physical benefits, along with the psychological and spiritual benefits. In addition there will be Individual sessions in psychotherapy/ counselling, and holistic therapies such as naturopathy, reflexology, massage, Bowen technique, cranio-sacral, etc.
  • community of life-hearted individuals (not necessarily all old and decrepit!) for whom meditation is part of their everyday lives, and who would like to support each other through living – including ageing and being ill – and dying consciously.

Currently The Sammasati Project is based in Devon, UK, and it is here and in Somerset that the first training will take place. However we envisage a time when such trainings happen all over the world, so that there are outreach services all over the world.

If you would like to participate in the training, go to The Sammasati Support-Person Training page on the website. If you’d like to be involved, helping this Project in some capacity (right now we need admin. and a writer), and/ or making a financial donation, do please let us know.


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