Osho describes the indications that appear when one is approaching death….

Signs to know the time of death

Before a person dies, almost nine months before, something happens. Ordinarily we are not aware because we are not aware at all and the phenomenon is very subtle. I say ‘almost nine months’ because it differs. It depends: the time between the conception and the birth will be the time. If you were born after nine months in the womb, then nine months. If you were born after being ten months in the womb, then ten months. If you were born after seven months in the womb, then seven months. It depends on the amount of time between the time of conception and birth.                      

Exactly the same time before death, something clicks in the Hara, in the navel centre. It has to click because between the conception and birth there was a gap of nine months. Nine months you took for birth; exactly the same time will be taken for death. As you prepared nine months in the mother’s womb for birth, you will have to prepare nine months to die. Then the circle will be complete. Something in the navel centre happens. Those who are aware, they will immediately know that something has broken in the navel centre; now death is coming closer. Approximately nine months… Or for example there are other omens and other portents.

A man, before he dies, exactly six months before he dies, becomes by and by incapable of seeing the tip of his own nose because the eyes start turning upwards, very slowly. In death they turn completely upwards, but they start the turning, the returning journey, before death. That happens: when a child is born, the child takes almost six months, that is usually – there may be exceptions – the child takes six months to have fixed eyes. Otherwise the eyes are loose. That’s why children can bring both eyes together near the nose and can take them far away to the corners very easily. Their eyes are still loose. The day a child’s eyes become fixed…if that day comes after six months or nine months or ten or twelve months, then the time will be exactly the same at death. Again the eyes will start becoming loose and moving upwards.

…. According to yoga physiology there are seven centres in man. The first, the genital organs, and the last is sahasrar, in the head. Between these two there are five others. Whenever you die, you die from a particular centre. That shows the growth that you have been doing in this life. Ordinarily people die through the genital organ because for the whole of their lives people live around the sex centre, continuously thinking of sex, fantasizing about sex and doing everything about sex – as if the whole of life seems to be centred on the sex centre. These people die through the sex centre. If you have evolved a little and you have attained to love and gone beyond sex, then you will die from the heart centre. If you have evolved completely, if you have become a siddha, you will die from the sahasrar. The centre you die from will have an opening because the whole of the life energy will be released from there.

… These indications can prepare you to receive death, and if you know how to receive death in a great celebration, in great joy and in delight – almost dancing and in ecstasy – you will not be born again. Your lesson is complete. You have learned whatsoever was to be learned here on this earth. Now you are ready to move beyond for a greater mission, for a greater life and for more unlimited life. Now you are ready to be absorbed by the cosmos, by the whole. You have earned it.

(Osho Yoga: The Alpha and Omega)

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