Forming the most significant and unique feature of our site, these articles explain why we advocate dying consciously, how to prepare for it, being with fear, and knowing ourselves as other than the body-mind: as the inner observer.


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How to Die Consciously

Why would you want to die consciously, and how to go about preparing for that?

Staying Conscious in the Moments of Dying

Suggestions from Osho to enhance awareness in the moments of dying

Signs to Know the Time of Death

Osho explains how it is possible to know the time of one’s death.


Fear is natural, but it can feel overwhelming. We provide some suggestions to address it.

Knowing Ourselves Beyond the Body and Mind

Osho explains how to drop our identification with the body and mind, through ‘witnessing.’

Watching your own Death

Osho reveals how we can dissolve the fear that we might otherwise feel at death – through witnessing.

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