Free Yourself from PainFree Yourself from Pain

by Dr David E Bresler with Richard Trubo

This big (480 pages) book, which is well written and easily accessible to the lay person, is also packed full of information about pain – understanding it, managing and potentially reducing it. The four sections – The Pain Experience, Seeking Help, Getting Needed Nourishment, and Getting Help from Within –  probably cover everything you’ve ever thought of in relation to pain. Also included is the definition of pain, its origins meaning and how it feels; the  allopathic approach and alternative methods; nutrition, emotional nourishment, and suggested exercises  or assignments (such as dissolving bodily tension by gently touching the affected area and making sure you have four hugs a day).

It is very much a self-help manual, encouraging the keeping of logs, doing exercises and charts to help the reader ‘discover pain’s message’ and to ‘talk to your pain’ and have an ‘nutritional evaluation,’  in this way bringing awareness to your personal situation and experience.

Judging from the anecdotes, Dr Bresler’s work has obviously made a huge difference to many people, including those who have ‘tried everything.’ Though the book was published in 1979, and there have been other books on the same subject published since then, this book is a classic, an essential resource for people living with chronic pain or who are working with those who have chronic pain. Highly recommended!

Dr Bresler was one of the first American scientists to seriously investigate and validate complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). He founded and was the Executive Director of the UCLA Pain Control Unit. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Academy for Pain Management, and was appointed by President Clinton as a White House Commissioner on CAM Health Care Policy. He now runs the Bresler Center in Los Angeles.

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