Osho explains how not being influenced by fearful and future-oriented thinking is key to being with pain.


Fearful mind and pain 

PSYCHOLOGICAL pain can be dissolved, and only psychological pain can be dissolved. The other pain, the physical pain, is part of life and death; there is no way to dissolve it. But it never creates a problem. Have you ever observed? – the problem is only when you are thinking about it.

If you think of old age you become afraid, but old people are not trembling. If you think of illness you become afraid, but when the illness has already happened there is no fear, there is no problem. One accepts it as a fact. The real problem is always psychological. The physical pain is part of life. When you start thinking about it, it is not physical pain at all; it has become psychological. You think about death and there is fear but when death actually happens there is no fear.

Fear is always about something in the future.

Fear never exists in the present moment.

If you are going to the front in a war, you will be afraid, you will be very apprehensive. You will tremble, you will not be able to sleep: many nightmares will haunt you. But once you are on the front – ask the soldiers – once you are on the front you forget all about it. Bullets may be passing by and you can enjoy your lunch; bombs may be falling and you can play cards. The problem is not physical because the fear exists in your psychology. When the pain is actual, physical, there is no problem about it.  

Reality never comes as a problem;

It is only the ideas about reality that create the problem.

So the first thing to be understood is: if you can dissolve the psychological pain no problem is left.

Then you start living in the moment.

Physical pain will remain but again I will insist that it has never been a problem to anybody. If your leg is broken, it is broken. It is not a problem. The problem is only in imagination: “If my leg were to be broken, then what would I do? And how am I to avoid…? Or how am I to behave and work things in such a way that my leg is never broken?” Now, if you become afraid of such things you cannot live, because your legs can be broken, your neck can be broken and your eyes can go blind. Anything is possible, millions of things are possible. If you become obsessed with all these problems which are possible…. I am not saying they are not possible, they are all possible.

Whatsoever has happened to any human being, ever, can happen to you. Cancer can happen, TB can happen, death can happen; everything is possible. Man is vulnerable. You can just go outside on the road and you can be hit by a car. I am not saying don’t go outside on the road. You can sit in a room and the roof can fall in. There is no way to save yourself totally and perfectly.

Psychological problems are the only problems. You can become paranoid, you can become split, you can become paralyzed because of fear but this is nothing to do with reality.

(Osho: And Now And Here)

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