A series of articles relating to the emotions and how a meditative approach can help us navigate challenging situations.

Finding Calm on an Emotional Roller Coaster

Gaining some mastery of your emotions so you can move through them without being taken for a ride.

Allowing the Feeling

Why emoting can be good for you, and how to let feelings go – consciously and responsibly.

To Fight or Flow

Is there a ‘right’ response to receiving a life-challenging diagnosis? We look at the difference between fighting, resigning ourselves to, and accepting the situation.

Positive Thinking or Realism

What exactly is positive thinking and does it work? We look at this and alternative approaches to living or being ill – such as ‘vigilant realism’ and choiceless awareness.

Choiceless Awareness

The mystic’s response to positive thinking that takes us beyond identifying with all dualities

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