An enlightened – and enlightening – understanding on some aspects of illness and pain, including the potential for inner growth and the perennial question of ‘Why is there pain?’

Understanding the Connection between Pain and Fear

Osho explains how not being influenced by fearful and future-oriented thinking is key to being with pain.

Growth through Suffering

A seeker tells Osho that while he feels inferior and lonely because of his handicapped [sic] body and wheelchair, he suddenly became aware that as long as he can feel this pain, he is very alive.

Illness and Death: how related are they?

Osho questions the assumption that illness causes death, and that it is death we are afraid of….

Illness and Suffering

Osho explains the key to moving beyond yourself-as-ill or as the sufferer.

Illness and Health: how they work together

Osho points out that illness and health are two sides of the same coin. Passing through illness can yield unexpected insights.

Pain, piles, and purification

Osho responds to a woman telling him that she has so much pain from her piles that she just wants to die. She is usually so high and then the pain comes. In those moments, she says, ‘I would welcome death; it would be all right.’

The Wise Person’s Approach to Pain

Osho responds – in a way that may surprise you – to the question: What to do when there is pain?

Why Does Pain Exist?

Osho responds to the perennial question: Why do we suffer? Why is there pain?

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