We held our first OSHO Sammasati webinar earlier this week – “Dying: Doing It Differently”. Despite a few last minute technical hitches, it went pretty smoothly and we were delighted by the interest shown. As this was an experiment, we used a free webinar trial which had a limit of 100 places. To our astonishment we had 236 people register and had reached our capacity limit of 100 within a couple of minutes of the webinar starting. Unfortunately, that meant that some people couldn’t get in and we received some emails saying how disappointed they were. So we’re really sorry about that and hope that you’ll enjoy watching the replay which we’ve made available below.

A couple of statistics which we thought were very impressive were that we had people from 36 different countries registered and 58 of the attendees were webinar virgins! So a big thank you to everyone who was a first-timer. From the feedback afterwards it looked that most people had found the webinar technology quite easy to use.

We’re going to be looking into various alternatives of sharing information and experiences live online – including possibly streaming video and maybe only audio. If you have any suggestions or technical experience with this, we’d love to hear from you – please email us.

During the webinar, Maneesha guided us through two meditations which can be very effective in the support of dying people (that means all of us – we’re all dying, even though we might  have a few years or even decades to go!) If you’d like to practice these meditations and take more time with them, you can find the complete instructions here:


The Light of Love

We also received some requests for details of the books Maneesha mentioned, so here they are:

When I Die: Lessons from the Death Zone by Philip Gould

And Now and Here: On Death, Dying and Past Lives by Osho

Letters to a Dying Friend by Anton Grosz

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche

Until Further Notice, I am Alive” by Tom Lubbock

Mortality” by Christopher Hitchens

Leaving Them Laughing” essay by Carla Zilbersmith included in “Writings on Death” volume in the Trilogy Handbook from The Natural Death Centre.

Some great questions were asked during the final Q&A session so thank you for those. If your question didn’t get read out or more questions arise after watching the replay, please email us and we’ll do our best to answer them. You could also ask them by posting them on our Facebook Page.

OK, so here it is – the replay! It’s not the slickest of productions, but hopefully we’ll improve with practice. And if you’re wondering, in a few places, no, Maneesha wasn’t really speaking that fast, it was the effect of her voice being zapped across cyper-space!


“Dying: Doing It Differently” Webinar Replay from Sammasati Project on Vimeo.

Best viewing is to click the ‘Play’ button and then click on the ‘full screen’ (four arrows) icon in the bottom right corner. Please leave us your comments on Vimeo and share it with anyone you think might be interested. There’s another version of this replay video on YouTube (with slightly inferior audio quality) which you might also like to share – you can watch it here. Many thanks for helping spread the message that dying can be done differently!

P.S. For a quick review, you might want to look at the webinar slides.

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