a workshop about living & dying 

with Maneesha James

We’re all in the same boat: once we’re born death is somewhere on the agenda! Yet facing that fact is scary for most of us; or we just don’t get why we’d want to look at what death means to us while we are busy living.

Look a little more closely and we notice that in fact living and dying are not separate; that our attitude towards death affects how we live (and of course how we have lived will affect how we die).

In this workshop you can begin to explore – beyond the superstitions and the conditioned fears – what death means to you, personally. As well as meditation, structures and sharings, dance and movement plays a pivotal part throughout, so that the experience is both profound and uplifting…even joyful.

What can you expect to gain? A more profound understanding of death and, through that, a deeper love for life.

In the video clip below Maneesha talks to a group in The Netherlands about the inescapability of death and using meditation to enable us to both live and die more consciously.



Facilitated by

Maneesha James read bio here

Maneesha has been facilitating workshops and retreats focused on conscious living and conscious dying for the last 20 years. Drawing her inspiration from the many years she spent in the company of the Indian mystic Osho, she creates a safe space for exploring conscious dying using a wide range of meditative techniques and simple structures.

Maneesha has also worked with a number of individuals who were facing death and provided the psycho-spiritual support to help them through the transition of death – she sometimes calls herself a ‘transition midwife’. She is co-founder and co-director of OSHO Sammasati and is a published author. Originally from Australia, Maneesha now has a base in north London.

Sudheer P. Niet read bio here

Sudheer is an experienced meditator and teacher of meditation. Over the past 35 years, he has used many different meditation techniques and has helped hundreds of people to get the knack of meditation. He has been on the journey of meditation with the Indian mystic, Osho, the Buddha of our times, who developed a science of transformation for the modern man.

Sudheer received training in self-hypnosis from Dr. Brian Alman, a student of Milton Erickson, M.D., the father of modern hypnosis. He trained in NLP and Hypnosis in Pune, India with Prabodhi and Premananda, as well as with H. Hoenderdos, a student of Richard Bandler, one of the developers of NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Sudheer facilitates a range of meditation groups in the Osho Meditation Resort, India and around the world.

Sammasati H. Jensen read bio here

Based in Aarhus, Denmark, Sammasati is a trained psychologist, authorised and accredited as a specialist in clinical psychology and supervision. Her field of expertise is treatment of suffering following trauma. She also has extensive experience in psychological treatment for anxiety, depression, psychosis and other kinds of psychological distress.

Sammasati’s interest in death and meditation goes way back to her childhood. She sees that unresolved grief and fear of death diminishes lives and that, with help and understanding, our attitude to death can be transformed into the most potent incentive to live life at its fullest. Sammasati feels that such an attitude towards death is one of the most important awakening mechanisms and therefore one of the most important to address.

Upcoming workshops

20 Apr 2018 - 24 Apr 2018, at , , China - Facilitated by Maneesha James

Contact Dolma at for more info. Dolma will be running an introductory workshop on 13-15 April, joined by Maneesha on 15th.

Recent workshop feedback

'Living with the Inescapable’ was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I can tell now it has changed some perspectives on how I’m living… what I'm losing when I don't enjoy the present. After the experience of ‘dying,’ everything changed.
It was a wonderful team as well. Thanks to both you and Sanjiva.

(Toni Fernandez Brugues)

I left this weekend with so much positive and loving energy. The meditations really helped me to be more in contact now with my fears around living and dying. Your voice really brings me to a deeper level of consciousness -- a present to be grateful for! Through your meditations I will make some time each day to be still and to contemplate the wisdom of the Radiant Center in my life.
I will take at heart what you told us, Maneesha: the qualities I am developing in daily life are the qualities I can take with me after dying.... The energyfield of love you spread around you was touching and healing.
'What a joy! Thanks for everything.

(Mariette Hoff )

This workshop was very unique and wonderful. I appreciated the soft energy of love and awareness that we learned to share with others at the time of dying. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet people on the path, fellow seekers, and to connect heart-to-heart.

Beloved Maneesha, the workshop was very insightful. It helped me clear up my relationship where I had been stuck. It has also given me tools to see death with a new perspective and also to support someone who is going through the last phase. Thank you so much.


Maneesha. Wonderful. Have gotten some wonderful insights about the process of dying and living. Essentially the biggest insight I’ve gotten was that I have the freedom to live my life totally: it’s my choice, my freedom and in having that freedom it has given me an exhilarating feeling


Thank you for this workshop! I feel like I’ve made great strides towards embracing death rather than fearing it, and I also feel excited to really live and enjoy the life I have right now. I like how you use meditations. It helped to reduce and transform the fear.

Thank you so much for sharing Osho’s meditations with me today. I thought the structure of today’s workshop was perfect and you held the group firmly and with so much kindness and acceptance. I hope everyone everywhere gets to take your workshop.

The workshop was very insightful. It has given me tools to see death with a new perspective and also to support someone who is going through the last phase. Thank you so much.

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