Squeeze the Juice of Life

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver


How’s life? As joyous, loving, meaningful and fulfilling as you’d like it to be? And if not, what can you do about it? 

All too frequently only when we are dying do we realise we haven’t yet really lived as we would have liked to. Or it is only when we are facing the end that we see that what matters most is not what we achieved materially but how deeply we have lived.

Sadly, many of us live – and die – with a sense of unfulfillment.

We only have this life, this gift, now!  And it is ours, our responsibility, so living in a way that works for each of us is important. Yet we may allow ourselves to be side-tracked by the ideas, advice or demands of others.

This workshop is based on the understanding that we don’t have to be victims of our society, of our conditioning or of any circumstance – and that the key to change lies inside each of us. We also come to realise that we’ve been dominated by the mind, thinking that it is the only resource we have. The mind is useful but alone it is not the key to joy, peace and contentment.

Through a wide variety of meditative methods you will discover a huge resource of inner ‘tools’ that can transform your life.


From Head to Heart to Hara

In this three-day process we systematically move away from the tyranny of the mind and into the deeper layer of the heart. The heart is a lovely half-way house but, like the mind, alone it cannot provide what we are seeking. On the final day of the workshop we explore a third dimension: the Hara, the seat of consciousness.

Our journey is from thinking to feeling to being. When we know how to be – aware, centred and grounded – that becomes the foundation of who we are. No longer dominated by any sensations, thoughts or feelings, we have the master key in our hands: witnessing, remembering ourselves as far vaster than everything we experience.

This workshop provides the recipe for a fulfilled way of living and the very best preparation for dying.


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Facilitated by

Maneesha James read bio here

Maneesha has been facilitating workshops and retreats focused on conscious living and conscious dying for the last 20 years. Drawing her inspiration from the many years she spent in the company of the Indian mystic Osho, she creates a safe space for exploring conscious dying using a wide range of meditative techniques and simple structures.

Maneesha has also worked with a number of individuals who were facing death and provided the psycho-spiritual support to help them through the transition of death – she sometimes calls herself a ‘transition midwife’. She is co-founder and co-director of OSHO Sammasati and is a published author. Originally from Australia, Maneesha now has a base in north London.

Sudheer P. Niet read bio here

Sudheer is an experienced meditator and teacher of meditation. Over the past 35 years, he has used many different meditation techniques and has helped hundreds of people to get the knack of meditation. He has been on the journey of meditation with the Indian mystic, Osho, the Buddha of our times, who developed a science of transformation for the modern man.

Sudheer received training in self-hypnosis from Dr. Brian Alman, a student of Milton Erickson, M.D., the father of modern hypnosis. He trained in NLP and Hypnosis in Pune, India with Prabodhi and Premananda, as well as with H. Hoenderdos, a student of Richard Bandler, one of the developers of NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Sudheer facilitates a range of meditation groups in the Osho Meditation Resort, India and around the world.

Kimaya Carvalho read bio here

Brazilian-born Kimaya is a co-facilitator with OSHO Sammasati. She has training in multiple disciplines, including OSHO Therapy, Zen Counseling Skills, Conscious Relating, Family Constellation, Hypnosis for Meditation, Tantra, Neo Reichian Pulsation and Multidimensional Bodywork.
She travels globally, including to the Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, India, offering self-transformation seminars, retreats and trainings in Hara Awareness, Self-Inquiry Intensives,Tantra and Women’s workshops, bodywork and Healing Therapy Trainings.

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Recent workshop feedback

Thank you, Maneesha, Your workshop was amazing and challenging, it help me reach a true contact with my being. All the meditation techniques gave me tools to get in contact with to my inner self in different ways; It was great to feel so much Joy, Compassion and Love. I hope to see have you around us again! Keep spreading the Celebration, Joy, Peace and Love... Namaste!

(Alan, Austin, Texas)

Thank you for this incredible experience called “Squeeze the Juice of Life!” What a loving and fun workshop! The meditations for moving to the Hara were so pertinent for me! I love to be in my heart but I desperately need more centering in my life. After this weekend, I now have great new meditations to help me stay flexible and balanced! Thank you, beloved Maneesha! I can't wait for your next retreat here.

(Jagritta Buddhen, Austin, Texas)

I feel fulfilled. All the pieces of the puzzle have come together.

(Iiona, SIberia)

Something has happened inside for me around growing up. All the fight, all the resistance – they have dropped, and I feel I have become more mature.

(Larissa, Siberia)

I really liked learning how to listen from my heart — it is so much easier than the way we usually listen: analysing and judging – and knowing the space when the mind is silent.

(Dimitri, Siberia)

This was my first workshop ever. I came with the desire to find the path to myself — and I found it. I also fell in love with my body, which I discovered has so much aliveness, and with my mind, which allows me to understand and accept. The many methods we used: I need them all! They have huge potential for my personal growth.

(Rima, Siberia)

I’ve moved out of my head and for the first time connected with my body. Before, I couldn’t feel anything but now I am noticing new sensations, and I’m really happy about that!

(Svetlana, Siberia)

Learning how to start centred in my Hara in my daily life routine is helping me to surf life with a different awareness. To connect with the heart is a must but to be aware where centre of your being is makes you less fragile and with less fear of life and death.

(Sanjiva, Tokyo)
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