What is it to grow up rather than just grow old? Osho responds….

Growing old or growing up 

Everybody grows old; very few people grow up. Growing old is a horizontal process – just moving in a line. You may reach from the cradle to the grave but you have moved horizontally. You have become old, aged, but your inner being is as deep in darkness as it has always been.

Unless you start growing vertically,

upwards to the heights of consciousness,

you are not growing up.

Our whole education is absolutely unaware of the fact that growing up is a different process than growing old. Even idiots grow old; only buddhas grow up.

The process of growing up is going deeper into your roots.

Have you ever considered the fact: the higher the tree, the deeper are the roots. A high tree, perhaps two hundred feet, three hundred feet, cannot be supported by small roots; it will fall down. A three-hundred-foot-high tree needs exactly the same balance: three-hundred-foot-deep roots. As is the height, so should be the depth.

If you want to grow up you should think of going deeper into your roots, and growing up will be a by-product of your growing more alert, more silent, more peaceful.

The deeper you are at the centre of your being…a tremendous transformation takes place. You start growing up to the ultimate heights of consciousness. In those heights you are the buddhas.

(Osho: No Mind: The Flowers of Eternity)


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