Is ageing the same as maturing? Why the fear of growing old? What to do when we become ‘wrinklies’?

Awareness and Maturation

Osho responds to the question of whether maturing in an on-going process and of whether awareness and maturing are connected.

Enjoy - wrinkles and all

Osho responds to a question from Maneesha as she writes of feeling old and wrinkly.

Growing Old or Growing Up

What is it to grow up rather than just grow old? Osho responds….

Maturity and Ageing: The Difference

Osho explains the difference between maturity and ageing as essentially the difference between being aware and being asleep.

A New Approach to Growing Old

Osho responds to a question regarding care of the elderly, providing some novel solutions.

The Last Song, the Last Dance

Osho responds to the questions of why the fear of old age and how to get rid of the fear?

The Qualities of a Mature Person

What makes for a mature person? Osho shares his unique view on the subject.

Osho Short Quotes on Maturity

Pithy and thought-provoking insights to make us sit up, and grow up!

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