Some suggestions to help you celebrate the life of a departed loved one.

In addition to or instead of a funeral, your loved one may have requested a separate celebration of their life. Or it may be that family and friends decide that they would like to honour their loved one in this way. This could be a month or two after the death or funeral, giving you more time to prepare and the chance to invite many far-flung friends.

Celebrating the life of a loved one -e.g. around campfireThe format of the celebration could be anything from a party, a picnic at your friend’s favourite spot in nature, a music night or a meal out or at home – anywhere you have the chance of gathering and sharing appreciation with others of your friend.

If you are having a party, here are some ideas that might inspire you:

  • Invite your friend’s favourite local band to play
  • Display photos of your friend or project them onto the wall
  • Have a scrapbook of remembrance that can be displayed at the celebration, inviting friends to contribute in advance.
  • Make a video compilation of photos and/or video clips of your friend, perhaps with their favourite songs as a backing track and captions. Some are bound to provoke laughter, others tears.
  • Spend some time together in silence or meditation
  • Organise a Circle dance or some other form of community dance designed to bring people together

Please email us if you would like to contribute your ideas.


Online celebrations

As mentioned above, a beautiful way to celebrate can be to make a video compilation of photos with background music and upload it online. In the video below, the background music is played by the man himself.


If your friend was active on Facebook or other social media, posting messages, photos and videos on their personal page provides a way to share memories and love.

FB Legacy service

Facebook allows users to nominate a legacy contact to look after their account if it’s memorialized after they have died.

Online Memorial Services: After a Death, Celebrating a Life Online

If you’re thinking of celebrating a friend’s life online, this article has some useful information.

Celebrating the Life—and Coping with the Loss—of My Best Friend, Henry

Celebrating the life of a friend doesn’t need to be confined to humans, as this online tribute shows.

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