It’s the attachment to our life in all its dimensions – our image of who we are, our health, material wealth, friends, experiences and so on – that can cause so much anguish in death, as Osho explains.

Counting money - have nothing to loseDON’T ACCUMULATE anything whatever: power, money, prestige, virtue, knowledge or even the so-called spiritual experiences. Don’t accumulate. If you don’t accumulate you are ready to die any moment, because you have nothing to lose.

Possessiveness is the problem, not life itself. The more you possess, the more you are afraid to lose. If you don’t possess anything, if your purity, if your spirit is uncontaminated by anything and if you are simply there alone, you can disappear any moment. Whenever death knocks on the door it will find you ready. You are not losing anything. By going with death you are not a loser. You may be moving into a new experience.

When I say don’t accumulate, I mean it as an absolute imperative. I’m not saying don’t accumulate things of this world but go on accumulating virtue, knowledge, and so-called spiritual experiences and visions – no. I am talking in absolute terms: don’t accumulate. …If you accumulate, with that accumulation comes fear. Each accumulation brings fear in the same proportion…then you are afraid. Don’t accumulate and fear disappears. If you don’t want to possess anything, you become fearless. Then even death is a beautiful experience to pass through.

A man who is really spiritual has tremendous experiences but he never accumulates them. Once they have happened he forgets about them. He never remembers them and he never projects them into the future. He never says that they should be repeated or that they should happen again to him. He never prays for them. Once they have happened they have happened. Finished! He is finished with them and he moves away from them. He is always available for the new and he never carries the old.

(Osho: The Art of Dying)



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