Osho describes how to have an experiential understanding of the inter-connectedness of living and dying.  


Use your breath as an awareness of life and death, simultaneously. When the breath goes out, it is associated with death. When the breath comes in, it is associated with life. With every outgoing breath you die, and with every incoming breath you are reborn. Life and death are not two things; separate, divided. They are one. And each moment, both are present.

So remember this: when your breath is going out, feel as if you are dying. Don’t be afraid if you are afraid, the breath will be disturbed. Accept it: the outgoing breath is death. And death is beautiful; it is relaxing.

Whenever you are relaxed you say AHH and the breath goes out. Feel a deep relaxation with the outgoing breath. And when the breath comes in, feel, ‘Ah! Life is coming in’ – you are reborn. Make it a circle: life and death. Move into it and be aware of it. It is a deep cleansing. With every outbreath die, and with every new breath be reborn.

The out moving breath is death. Die; feel as if you are dying. The incoming breath is life. Feel as if you are being reborn. The whole day, for twenty-four hours – whenever you are aware, remember this. It will change the quality of your mind totally.

If the outgoing breath becomes death, and each moment you die, what is happening? Your death means you are dying to your past; the old man is no more. And if you have to die every moment, there is no future. The next moment is death so you cannot project yourself into the future. Only this very moment, this lonely, atomic moment, remains with you. Even in this very moment you will have to die and be reborn.

Think of the concept of reincarnation not in terms of life but in terms of breath. Every moment you will be renewed, reoriented, fresh. A child again, with no burden of the past and with no anxiety for the future. The present moment is anxiety less. Anxiety is created only by the past or by the future. So remember this. And not only remember it, practice it.

(Osho: The New Alchemy: To Turn You On)


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