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Short quotes from Osho and others can be found on Death & Dying Quotes


A Selection of Discourse Excerpts

The living and dying in every breath

Osho indicates how, by bringing awareness to our breathing, we can appreciate experientially that living-dying is a continuum that starts at birth.      

The energetic change that happens around death

Osho explains what happens on the energetic level at death and how the meditator can prepare for those changes.

Being with a dying person

A variety of suggestions from Osho about how to be by the side of the dying.


To prepare for a conscious death:

Signs to know the time of death

Osho explains how it is possible to know the time of one’s death.  

To know death beforehand is just a method to help you prepare so when death comes you are perfectly alert and aware, waiting, ready to go with death, ready to surrender and ready to embrace death. Once you have accepted death in awareness, there is no longer any birth for you – you have learned the lesson. Now there is no coming back to the school again. This life is just a school, a discipline, and a discipline to learn death. It is not morbid. Read more

The connection between desire, life and death

Osho explains how our constantly pining after other than what we have impacts how we live and, ultimately, how we die.                              

Have Nothing to Lose

It’s the attachment to our life in all its dimensions – our image of who we are, our health, material wealth, friends, experiences and so on – that can cause so much anguish in death, as Osho explains.                                            

Die to each moment and live intensely

Start dying each moment to the past. Clean yourself of the past each moment. Die to the known so that you become available to the unknown. With dying and being reborn each moment you will be able to live life and you will be able to live death also.

That’s what spirituality is really all about: to live death intensely, to live life intensely; to live both so passionately that nothing is left behind unlived, not even death. If you live life and death totally, you transcend. In that tremendous passion and intensity of life and death, you transcend duality, you transcend the dichotomy, and you come to the One. That One is really the truth. You can call it God, you can call it life, and you can call it truth, samadhi, ecstasy, or whatsoever you choose.

(Osho: The Art of Dying)

Choiceless Awareness

The mystic’s response to positive thinking that takes us beyond identifying with all dualities.

Death as Life’s Crescendo

Osho explains why he does not disclose what happens after death.

Through Euthanasia to Enlightenment

According to Osho, Euthanasia, or the freedom to choose your death, should be accepted as a birth right of every human being.


Osho on Grief

A selection of talks in which Osho talks on grief, mourning, sadness, gratitude and love when a loved one dies. Read more


Osho Audio Discourses

You can listen to these on OSHO Radio. Some selected discourse excerpts are available on www.oshobardo.com


Youtube Video Clips

Something that never dies (9 mins)


Osho recounts the ‘Mustard Seed anecdote’ – of the woman who took her dead child to Buddha to have him resurrected.


Yes, we celebrate death too (8 mins)


  • Life, lived intensely, ‘burning your candle at both ends’, as the best preparation for dying
  • Celebrating death through ‘dancing to orgasm,’
  • Letting children be present if they want to be
  • Why in India there has been a tradition of burning rather than burying the dead; the significance of fire

Is it possible to die conscious? (8 mins)


*The ‘surgery’ of death — as the consciousness leaves the bodymind. The need to be disidentified from bodymind in order to die consciously

See Reflections on Death for more videos by Osho and others.


Books by Osho

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