In a selection of interviews Maneesha talks of her experience being with clients at various stages of illness and dying, and explains how dying can be both conscious and celebrative.

Life Before Death

An interview with Maneesha featured in Mumbai’s paper, ‘The Metropolis,’ about working with a client with a terminal prognosis.

Embracing Aloneness

How the willingness and courage to face our fears can reveal unexpected insights and allow us to move on.

Shedding Light on Death

An interview with Maneesha for New Zealand’s ‘Sunday Star Times,’ in which she talks about euthanasia, being with Anna Freud at her death, and more

That's What I Call Dying

An article Maneesha wrote on euthanasia for the New York based magazine, ‘Creations.’

The Last Taboo

Maneesha’s article written for ‘The West Australian,’ about being Anna Freud at her death, and the connection between meditation and death.

Way to Go

The Italian Osho Times interviews Maneesha, asking her about her attraction to working with the dying and her ideas on why and how we can prepare for ‘the inescapable.’ Maneesha also draws parallels with her early experience of being a midwife.

Home Deathing

On providing a live-in service for those who are dying; being with ‘not-knowing’ and support for those who want to die with awareness.

Conscious Dying

In her interview with a magazine for psychotherapists, Maneesha explains how she combines meditation with counselling skills in her work.

A Contemporary Bardo Thödol

Meditation as a ‘rehearsal’ for dying, the irrelevancy of beliefs, and the need for a new take on the Bardo Thödol.

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