Meditation articles by Maneesha

Maneesha discusses various aspects of meditation, from the creation of her own method, ‘Jogasana,’ to meditation as ‘Numero Uno’ resource for resilience.

On Not Getting a Grip

Trying to control our lives creates tension; there’s an alternative that’s more effective and – as a secondary benefit – relaxing.

Relax! It takes no time at all

A short method to return to a state that most of us have known but not realised to be meditation.

The Dance of Dualities

Perhaps the so-called negative isn’t bad at all. What if negative feelings had a role to play, as significant as the positive?


Former air-head turned exercise freak, Maneesha explains how she discovered that getting hot and sweaty could become a calorie-cutting meditation.

Living in the Vertical Reality

Meditation can be practised anywhere, at any time. We look at a hypothetical typical day and how to incorporate any of the short, 20-plus methods.

Meditation and Resilience

Meditation as key to building or maintaining your emotional integrity and strength – in everyday life and in trying situations.

Managing Emotions with Meditation

Accept it, express it, mobilise it, unfreeze it and watch it – are among some meditative approaches to support you in being with whatever feeling you have.

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