Familiarise yourself with the various factors to consider – from your own level of experience to the option of using music. Included here, too, are some suggested methods.

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Factors to consider include…

*Your own experience of meditation and your confidence in guiding another. Only offer a method that you are already familiar with and through which you feel confident in guiding another.

* If it is feasible, discuss the selection of methods available with the person and let them choose which they would like you to guide them in.

* Whether the person has meditated before or not. If they have, they may have a favourite form of meditation, such as Watching the Breath, which would be appropriate for this time when they are either seriously ill and/or dying.

* The suitability of any method will also be influenced by the level of consciousness they appear to be at. For example, a technique which involves sitting with eyes gazing at one’s upturned palms and counting will clearly not be appropriate for someone who is much debilitated and/or barely aware.

* Music to accompany the method is not essential. However it can certainly have an enhancing effect and can also help the listener to stay ‘on track’ as it were. Music can be made available through an ipad or iPod. You can create your own playlist of meditation music. See our music suggestions.


Meditations on this website

Meditations on this site are categorised as

  • Meditations for Health & Ageing
  • Meditations for Pain Management
  • Meditations in Illness
  • Meditations in Dying

The categorisation is somewhat arbitrary as all methods can also be practiced by those in good health, and some in the first and second category might be appropriate for someone in the third. For a more comprehensive list of suitable meditations, click the View All button at the top of each section on the Meditation Methods index page.

Several of the meditation methods lend themselves to being used as guided meditations.

These include:

From Methods in Health & Ageing

*The Alpha meditation

* One

* Fill yourself with light



From Methods in Illness, Pain & Coma

*Breath watching

*Hara awareness

*Imagine expanding

*Pain as a pinpoint

*Seeing the body from inside


From Methods in Dying

*3-step let go

*Peace in the heart

* Remember the joy

* Evoking the inner light


For a complete list, click the ‘Suitable for being guided’ button in the search filter on the Meditations Index.

The OSHO BARDO meditation is guided and is available as a CD (in media book format) and booklet, or as a download.


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