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Books on meditation

What is Meditation?


A perfect starter, this small (80-paged), compact book makes instantly accessible extracts from various of Osho’s talks in which he addresses many aspects of meditation.

To stay sane in the face of the information overload in our chaotic modern world, Osho suggests we need to meditate every day. These extracts from his writings cover the whys, whats and wherefores of meditation. Osho urges, cajoles and encourages the reader to step out on the path to peace and fulfilment, and gives advice on how to stay on it.

Meditation: The First and Last Freedom


This practical guide to meditation covers a broad range of aspects, that include methods – and how to know which is the right one to you and also when to drop it; suggestions for beginners; the three essentials; the science of meditation; obstacles to meditation and Osho’s responses to seekers’ questions.


Pharmacy for the Soul


St Martins

A comprehensive collection of meditations, relaxation and awareness exercises, and other practices or physical and emotional well being. Sections include ‘Unwinding: Letting go of tension through release and relaxation’; ‘Head Remedies: taming the mind and (on occasion) dropping out of it’; ‘The Art of the Heart: nourishing your love potential’;‘Mood Management: becoming master of your emotional world’ and ‘Sexuality and relating: learning to dance with the other.’

Every medicine-meditation cupboard needs this book!

Hsin Hsin Ming: The Zen Understanding of Mind and Consciousness


Understanding our minds and consciousness are topics high on everybody’s list of important issues. Almost every day science and psychology are delivering revelations as this area is explored and more understanding grows.

In this extraordinary series of talks, Osho lays out a clear understanding of the difference between mind and consciousness, and the role that the brain plays in the two – a difference that Western science has been struggling to define for decades, but that Zen has known for centuries through first-hand experience. Along the way he also sheds light on the differences between meditation as practice and as a state of being, and what choiceless awareness really means in everyday life and relating. Osho relates to a classic Zen work, Hsin Hsin Ming, Verses on the Faith-Mind by Sosan [Seng-t’san], which is considered to be the first Chinese Zen document. It is extraordinarily straightforward in its message, cutting straight to the point of where it aims to take the Zen experience – to a state of thought-free awareness in the present moment.

The Book of Wisdom


Based on the Seven Points of Mind Training by the 11th-century Buddhist mystic Atisha, The Book of Wisdom removes the dust of tradition that has gathered around meditation, conveying the essential science and methodology of the practice with a freshness and spontaneity that is rarely found in contemporary spiritual works. The book is a guide for inner discipline and transformation that is also highly accessible, incorporating light, often humorous question-and-answer sessions between the author and his audience that help readers make the practical connection between spiritual theory and meditation as a lifestyle.

The Path of Meditation


A step-by-step guide which features talks on the foundation of meditation, the need to begin with the body; what is meant by purification; understanding the mind and emotions and much more.

The Psychology of the Esoteric


This book has been published in 20 languages, and is a best-seller in many countries. It takes the reader beyond Western psychology, beyond Freud, Jung and the Human Potential Movement, to the psychology of enlightenment, of the buddhas. In detailed talks on the occult and the esoteric psychology of man, Osho explains man’s seven energy levels, how to experience and transcend them, and how different dimensions of dreaming come from the different levels. He also talks on Kundalini and the three stages of sexual energy – sex, love and prayer.

This Very Body the Buddha


Of these verses that comprise the song of the 17th–century mystic, Hakuin, Osho comments, “It is a very small song, but a great gift. This is a song of meditation. If meditation is without a song, it is dull and dead. You will find this song and its meaning only when you are singing and dancing, when the music of life has overtaken you.” Hakuin is one of the greatest Zen masters.” Osho talks on meditation, life, death, sex, and buddhahood.


Everyday Osho


Fair Winds Press

For more than thirty years the insights of Osho have challenged and delighted seekers. Everyday Osho represents the essence of these insights – and understanding that synthesizes a wide range of spiritual and philosophical traditions with the contribution of modern science and psychology.

This inspirational volume offers readers daily choices for living fully in the here and now, challenging them to embrace a new way of being that integrates body, mind and spirit.

Mindfulness and the Modern World: How Do I Make Meditation Part of Everyday Life? (Osho Life Essentials)



In Mindfulness in the Modern World, Osho helps us explore both the inner and the outer obstacles that prevent us from bringing more awareness to all our daily activities. He emphasizes that while techniques can be useful in pointing the way, in themselves they are not meditation. Rather, meditation – or mindfulness – is ultimately a state of being in which we are capable of both action and stillness, work and play, and able to be fully present to each moment of life as it comes. Osho’s insights into the nature of the modern mind, with its tendency to judge and compare, provides a helpful entry point for longtime meditators as well as beginners. Mindfulness in the Modern World covers a wide range of topics, including five experiential techniques that will help you bring awareness to your everyday life.


A Gradual Awakening

Stephen Levine


Poet and meditation teacher Levine writes simply and gently about his own personal experiences with and insights into vipassana meditation. An inspiring book for anyone interested in deep personal growth.

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