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Osho has spoken so much on meditation. Or it could be said, he has only spoken on meditation! Meditation as a state, a state that is natural and already exists inside us: not to be created but recovered, reclaimed. Meditation, also known as mindfulness or (as in the Zen tradition) no-mind. The many diverse methods of meditations – some active, some passive – as so many ways to prepare to receive the guest of silence; meditation and love, sexuality, creativity, music, intelligence, intuition, celebration; meditation as an art and a science and a knack; meditation in living and in dying, and much much more. Below is a small selection of his insights…

‘Meditation is adventure, the greatest adventure the human mind can undertake. Meditation is just to be – no action, no thought, no emotion. You just are, and it is sheer delight.’

(Osho: The Orange Book)


‘The first step towards meditation begins with your body. So remember, whatever negative feelings you may have about your body that other people have imprinted on you, drop them. The body is just an instrument in the material as well as in the spiritual world.’

(Osho: The Path of Meditation)


‘Love makes you meditative if it is on the right lines. Meditation makes you loving if it is on the right lines.’

(Osho: The Search)


‘Ordinarily, the energy is moving away from you – towards things, targets, in the world. The energy is moving away from you, hence you feel empty. The energy goes away, never comes back; you go on throwing away energy. By and by you feel dissipated, frustrated. Nothing comes back. By and by you start to feel empty. The energy is just oozing out every day – and then comes death. Death is nothing else but that you are exhausted and spent.

‘The greatest miracle in life is to understand this, and to turn the energy towards home. It is a turning-in. It is not that you leave the world. You live in the world – there is no need to leave anything, or go anywhere else. You live in the world, but in a totally different way. Now you live in the world but you remain centered in yourself; your energy goes on returning to yourself.

‘You are no longer out-going: you have become in going. Of course you become a pool of energy, a reservoir, and energy is delight, sheer delight. Just energy there, overflowing, and you are in delight, and you can share, and you can give in love.

‘Wherever you go, whatsoever you do, always do it in the inner light, with awareness. That’s what meditation is all about – to become more alert. Live the same life, just change your alertness – make it more intense. Eat the same food, walk the same path, live in the same house, be with the same woman and the children, but be totally different from your inside. Be alert! Walk the same path, but with awareness. If you become aware, suddenly the path is no more the same, because you are no more the same. If you are aware, the same food is not the same, because you are not the same, the same woman is not the same, because you are not the same. Everything changes with your inner change.

‘If somebody changes his within, the without changes totally. My definition of the world is this – you must be living in a deep inner darkness, hence the world. If you light your inner lamp, suddenly the world disappears, and there is only the divine. The whole thing depends on your inner awareness or unawareness. That is the only change, the only transformation, the only revolution, that has to be made.’

(Osho: The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha)


‘Meditation is not against action. It simply teaches you a new way of life; you become the centre of the cyclone.’

(Osho: From Misery to Enlightenment)


‘Meditation means: bliss in being alone.’ (Osho: The Book)


‘Meditation has to be only a watchfulness; then it is possible to have it twenty-four hours a day. Even while going to sleep, be watchful. To the last moment, when you see that now sleep is taking you over – the darkness goes on growing, the body is relaxing and the point comes when suddenly from wakefulness you move into sleep – watch up to that moment. And first thing in the morning, as you become aware that the sleep is finished, immediately start watching; soon you will be able to watch even while you are asleep.

‘Watchfulness will become a lamp that goes on burning day and night inside you.

‘This is the only authentic meditation. All else that has been told to you in the name of meditation is simply a toy to play with, to deceive yourself that you are doing something spiritual. With this meditation you will come across the inescapable. Everything illusory will disappear.

‘But everything in existence is not illusory. That which is not illusory is inescapable, and what are you going to do with the inescapable? Perhaps you have never thought about it.

‘This very inescapability itself is meditation.

‘If you go on watching even the inescapable, you will be able to see clearly that that which disappears while watching is illusory; that which becomes even more clear, more crystal clear, which was before hidden behind the cloud of your illusory dreams, desires, now stands absolutely clear.’

(Osho: The Great Zen Master Ta Hui)


‘Meditation will bring you sensitivity, a great sense of belonging to the world. And this sensitivity will create new friendships for you – friendships with trees, with birds, with animals, with mountains, with rivers, with oceans, with stars. Life becomes richer as love grows, as friendliness grows.’

(Osho: Beyond Enlightenment)


‘A really meditative person is playful; life is fun for him, life is a leela, a play. He enjoys it tremendously.’

(Osho: Ancient Music in the Pines)


‘I would like you to become so capable that you can remain in the marketplace and yet meditative. I would like you to relate with people, to love, to move in millions of relationships – because they enrich – and yet remain capable of closing your doors and sometimes having a holiday from all relationship… so that you can relate with your own being also.

‘Relate with others but relate with yourself also. Love others, but love yourself also. Go out! – the world is beautiful, adventurous; it is a challenge, it enriches. Don’t lose that opportunity! Whenever the world knocks at your door and calls you, go out! Go out fearlessly – there is nothing to lose; there is everything to gain. But don’t get lost. Don’t go on and on and get lost. Sometimes come back home. Sometimes forget the world – those are the moments for meditation.

‘Each day, if you want to become balanced, you should balance the outer and the inner. They should carry the same weight, so that inside you never become lopsided.

‘This is the meaning when Zen masters say: “Walk in the river, but don’t allow the water to touch your feet.” Be in the world, but don’t be of the world. Be in the world, but don’t allow the world to be in you. When you come home, you come home – as if the whole world has disappeared.’

(Osho: A Sudden Clash of Thunder)

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