Some views to consider about the nature of death, society’s misplaced fears and what the dying might want most from us.


Osho videos


Death (Osho Meditation Minutes) – 2 mins



Death is already happening. Whether you face it or not, whether you look at it or not, it is already there. It is just like breathing. With each inhalation you are born; with each exhalation you die. A person who is really living is not in any way afraid of death. If you are living rightly you are finished with death, you are already too grateful, fulfilled. But if you have not lived, then the constant worry continues, ‘I have not lived yet and death is coming. And death will stop all; with death there will be no future.’ So one becomes apprehensive, afraid, and tries to avoid death. In trying to avoid death, one goes on missing life. Forget about that avoidance. Live life. In living life, death is avoided. In living life, you become so fulfilled that if this very moment death comes and the future stops, you will be ready. You will be happily ready. You have lived your life; you have delighted in existence; you have celebrated it; you are contented. There is no complaint, no grumbling; you don’t have any grudge. You welcome death. And unless you can welcome death, one thing is certain you have not lived.


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Alan Watts ‘Acceptance of Death’


If you are afraid of death, be afraid.

The point is to get with it, to let it take over –

fear, ghosts, pains, transience, dissolution, and all.

And then comes the hitherto unbelievable surprise;

you don’t die because you were never born.

You had just forgotten who you are.

                                       Alan Watts



“Message From A Dying Friend”

A poem by Jeff Foster about finding Light in the Darkness.


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