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Facing one's own imminent death

You may be visiting this page because you have received a terminal diagnosis from your doctor or consultant or you have been ill or ageing and sense that death isn’t far away. 

The comic Woody Allen says: It’s not that I’m afraid to die; I just don’t want to be there when it happens. He’s probably not alone in feeling like that.

Facing death is something that we have all done to a greater or lesser extent – perhaps through the experience of losing our parents to age or disease, friends or pets dying, plant life dying in the autumn. We acknowledge that death exists and yet somehow we can’t quite believe that we too will die. In Facing the Fact of Death we explore some of the issues surrounding the taboo around death and the great benefits that can be found if and when we can really acknowledge that death is intrinsic to life.

It may be, however, that the true significance of death doesn’t really hit us until we are facing our own death and this is the area we are exploring here. The approach of our death may come as a gradual understanding, a knowing, our ageing body is beginning to prepare for its final journey. Our death may have been long-anticipated following a protracted period of serious illness. Perhaps it may be announced more abruptly – a call from the doctor after a routine check up. Or perhaps there is little or no warning at all in the case of death by accident. In other cases we may choose to end our own life through suicide or euthanasia.


Receiving a Terminal Diagnosis

Receiving a terminal diagnosisNo matter how well-prepared we think we are, receiving a terminal prognosis from our doctor can be an enormous shock – to ourselves and our loved ones. This section provides some of the ways to deal with issues which arise when we face our own mortality.  Read more




Issues that may arise in Dying

Issues as dyingWhen we realise that we are dying, many of the issues that we face will be the same issues that we have perhaps been dealing with for our entire lifetime – except now they may visit us with an unknown intensity – it’s a case of now or never! We may finally face up to things we have been carefully avoiding for years or alternatively some issues may drop away as we decide not to ‘sweat the small stuff’. When faced with the prospect of our own death, suddenly that annoying little thing doesn’t seem to matter so much anymore.

There are however, some issues which reveal themselves to us perhaps for the first time or with an unaccustomed urgency. These issues may include shock, denial, loss of autonomy, loss of meaning, fear, depression, anger, isolation, practical concerns. Read more



How to Die Consciously

Watching your own deathThere is so much potential in the process of dying, of which most of us are unaware. I hope we can give you a taste of what that potential is…The focus in OSHO Sammasati is to show how meditation brings greater consciousness to all stages of life, including the dying stage. Read more




Death & Dying Toolkit

Death & Dying ToolkitWe have a lot of resources available for you here. You may just want to pick out one or two things to support you or you may enjoy a deeper dive. Please read the guidance notes on how to use the Toolkit and perhaps look first at Planning for the end of life and Remembering Your Resources  Explore the Death & Dying Toolkit




You may wish to have counselling sessions to help you adjust to this last phase of life.

Sessions with Maneesha

See Maneesha’s individual sessions and watch this short video to see how Maneesha worked together with a woman facing death.



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