There are many ways in which you can participate with our work. We’ve listed them below. If you think of additional ways you’d like to be involved, just let us know!


Spreading the Word

Sharing our work with family, friends and colleagues

Two things we know – we are all living now and we will all die at some point! So the content of this website is relevant to everyone and anyone if they are open to meditation. Find out here how you can share our work. More

Feature our work

Do you have a blog, website, newsletter or printed magazine that could run an article about our work (written by you or Maneesha) or perhaps an interview with one of our facilitators? Or perhaps you have contacts in the world of radio or TV who might be interested in featuring us on their show. Do email us with your suggestions.




This is very much a grass-roots project that we see as being of benefit to the worldwide community. OSHO Sammasati is constituted as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company in the UK. We keep our workshop costs as low as possible, sufficient to cover costs. For projects including development of this website and the creation of our new OSHO Bardo meditation CD, we are grateful for the donations from friends that make them possible.

Check out our upcoming projects.

If you would like to support us financially so that we can continue to expand our work, please visit our Donations page.



Contributing to our website

Engaging with us online

We welcome your comments and questions on our blog posts and website pages, as well as on our Facebook page and other social media platforms. If you have suggestions or notice errors on the website, do contact us.


Sharing your experience or information

If you have a personal story you would like to share with us that you feel would be helpful to other readers, we invite you to email it to us so that we can consider it for our blog. Such stories might include your experiences with different meditations or perhaps supporting a loved one through the dying process.

Please send us your experiences – written, audio or video. What we would like are experiences related to conscious dying, how meditation supports this and also practical advice for supporting the sick and dying. If you intend writing a long piece, please send us an outline first so we can let you know if it fits with our content ethos. Your contributions can be long enough to create a full blog post or short snippets. Please remember to be particularly mindful about respecting other’s privacy.  Change names if needed and add blur to faces on any photos you provide if appropriate. Add how you would like your name to be shown – you can use an alias or be anonymous if you prefer.


Translating our website pages

Having the website or portions of it available in other languages will increase the reach of our work. The site is very large, so this is probably best done organically, with a few pages being translated and more added gradually over time.

Do email us if you are interested in translating and are a native speaker of the language into which you wish to translate. Read our Translation Guidelines and see a list of priority pages to translate here.


Adding local resources to our website

Initially this is for English-speaking countries and, as the site begins to feature other languages, the appropriate non-English speaking countries resources can be included. Feel free to email us if you would like to suggest a resource for an English-speaking country.

Generally, we’ll be happy to add them if they are generic (rather than promoting particular service suppliers) and along similar lines to our existing resources in the practical sections of our website e.g. Carer Toolkit – Practical Matters and After Death.



Join one of our Workshops.  Check the Calendar for details.

Organise a workshop for us to facilitate.  Check our Workshops listing to see what we offer. We are able to tailor-make a workshop or seminar so do let us know if you have a specialised interest e.g. a workshop for hospice volunteers. Contact Maneesha.

Join us as an Associate Facilitator – generally for those who have participated in one of our workshops. Please email Maneesha if you are interested in this possibility.

Join our workshop Facilitators team as a co-facilitator. Please email Maneesha if you are interested in this possibility.

Support for the Dying

If you have participated in The OSHO Sammasati Experience series of workshops (or previously the Sammasati Support-person Training) and would be interested in supporting those who are dying, in person or via Skype or phone, please contact Maneesha.



Join the OSHO Sammasati Team

If you have a skill you think would benefit us or have time to help us with administration or promotion, please email us. Currently we are looking for help with fundraising and website maintenance.

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