Being Mortal is a simple structure very similar to that of a Death Café in that a conversation is encouraged between participants around the issues of ageing and dying.

Before the gathering I find a question or issue that I feel will be helpful for the attendees to address. For example, usually I start with the question: ‘In one word. What is death for you?’ From there the discussion takes off. Everyone has something deep down that they will like to share – and I encourage the sharing to be from the heart rather than just intellectual, so the connection among participants is generally easy, deep and touching. As feels appropriate for each particular gathering, I include a meditation.

Facilitated by

Sanjiva read bio here

Born in Chile, 54-year-old Sanjiva has a background in Business, Philosophy and Psychology. His interest in death began as a five-year old and later would attract him to various teachers and Masters, meeting many of them to learn to bring awareness to both living and dying. Since 1982, Osho has been the main source of inspiration in his exploration into the mystery of death.

He has participated in all of the OSHO Sammasati workshops and the Facilitator Training. Since completing the training in early 2017, he has hosted more than fifteen ‘Being Mortal/Death Café’ events in USA and Chile.

Upcoming workshops

27 Apr 2018, 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm at , Serenbe, Georgia, USA - Facilitated by Sanjiva

Contact Sanjiva at for more information.

Venue:  9130 Serenbe Lane, Palmetto, GA 30268, USA

The event will be from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm and held in English. Limited number of participants.

Feedback from recent events:


We need to fight hard to make sure that our loved ones and in my case also…we are allowed to have a death with dignity….


No idea why my 2 sons died in such tragic way but I feel that their energy is still there… talking about it in this group help me to understand and not to judge…my grief and pain… connecting to my heart makes a huge difference and that happen last night


I felt now that is so important to talk about Death and make it a normal conversation… much to share that is there and we don’t give the time and the importance…


We know so little about Death … this needs to change and there is so much to share… great idea and happy to have participate… I felt much more energy after.than before this gathering


I feel that we need each other..  is so important to do more often this activity and have a better understanding … friends should support each other so we are clear on how we will like to die.

So important to drop what is non essential … avoid the stupidity of our daily life and any fight that makes no sense… I walked out thinking how to make days better in my daily life


It was a great experience. So nice that religion was not involved in the conversation and that we talk from the heart

It was quite intimate to discuss a very sensible matter….I left quite in ecstasy going home


I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to address this fundamental issue. And timing was perfect…My mother has been for 13 years with Alzheimer’s. The last part has been the most painful. I feel she is more than ready to go. I take care of her with all the love I could, she can’t express anything  .. but I was singing to her and also teasing her . Yesterday before our gathering we have a meeting in the family and we are all at peace after this very long and painful journey and we all agree that enough is enough.

I was amazed how this being Mortal event was handled with great empathy, care and respect for each individual .. also to work with the need of each one. For me was a lot of healing, beautiful , peaceful, loving and feeling lot of trust… I was deeply touched!


Due to my near death experience.. I don’t fear death but is clear that is important to be more aware of the process and that my family is ok to talk on a regular basis… I learn with the conversation that we can connect in an amazing way … with something that we all will go through … I need to learn more about listening and connect to my heart


It was great to participate… I got the feeling that we could go much deeper in this issue

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